Miele: Growth in the Company!

Miele: Growth in the Company!

Looking back over events that have marked the history of Miele SpA, we have condensed the most important moments:


In 1968 Michele Miele started producing packaging machines, launching them on the market with his own brand.
There followed a profitable collaboration with an international commercial company which allowed him to concentrate resources on innovative technology, thus perfecting quality standards.
In 1991 the brand was replaced by MIELE.
In 2008 MIELE became S.p.A., of which all shares belong to the sons of the founder, Antonio and Giuseppe.
This, briefly, has been the path of Miele SpA: constant growth both in terms of turnover and footprint.


To celebrate 50 years since our establishment, Miele SpA decided to invest in a project aimed at increasing production quality and customer satisfaction, and we are now pleased to announce that


By Spring 2022 we will open our new space designated for production, of over 3000 m2 ! 

This allows us to dedicate to all our current systems quality control and testing of the machinery as well as giving the possibility of setting up an Open Space that can be visited and you can see for yourself the professionalism which has always characterised Miele and our products.


Miele: Naturalmente all’Avanguardia!