Company profile

Miele is a company that specialises in the construction of automated machines for packaging food products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

In fifty years reliable experience and a happy succession of family management have contributed to the development of a company orientated towards constructive change. The history of Miele supports the identity of a company on the move.

In 1968 Michele Miele started producing packaging machines, putting them on the market with his own brand. There followed a profitable collaboration with an international commercial company which allowed him to concentrate resources on innovative technology, thus perfecting quality standards.

In 1991 the brand MIELE replaced the previous.

In 2008 MIELE became S.p.A., of which all shares belong to the sons of the founder, Antonio and Giuseppe.

A gradual but profound and continuous change has allowed Miele S.p.A. to gain strong footing in the national and international markets as a reliable company, adaptable to any request and attentive to innovation and quality.

Miele brand patents